Saturday, 12 May 2012

Averting the Gaze

Amazing how close is 'avert' to 'averse'…

Why withhold eye contact from neighbours? Why avert the gaze?

Here are some reasons:

Pair-bond Dynamics ---

Play it cool for other's sake;
Avoid the jealous other-other;
What if other shares attraction;
Giving one a chance to look.

Selfishness ---

Hope I'm not solicited;
I don't wanna talk to you;
Don't meet neighbours, build high fences;
Isolated suburbs, here.

Sketchiness / Emotional Toil ---

Inner self, I scream too loudly;
Lack of care or empathy;
Guilt & fear & real emotions;
Scared of being victimized.

Absorption in What I Do / Think ---

Lack of presence, mindfulness;
A space cadet lost beyond reach;
There's not room enough to list here;
Fill in blanks, your life is yours.

Non-Imposition / Respect ---

Giving others privacy, space;
It's the social norm 'round here;
No one's into people prying;
Or are we just conditioned such?

Meekness / Shying Away ---

fading away…

          ~ Cory

Cory Ash is a current member of the Yoga Centre Winnipeg 200 hour teacher training program.

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