Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sacred Geometry

Yesterday was the last day of our summer intensive.

 It has been a very magical experience, a privilege to be a part of.

There is something about practicing together with a shared intention that is transformative in a way that is beyond words.

As a teacher it is awe inspiring to observe the commitment, willingness, and dedication of the participants. It is also humbling to watch bodies, minds, and spirits literally light up and transform as the week goes on.  It is an opportunity to see the unique beauty of each individual in the group and yet the sense that we are all mere particles of a larger reality is palpable. It is apparent that there is no “me” teaching anything –  just there to hold the space,  guide, and be witness to the transformation unfolding. 

Coincidentally during the intensive someone from a newspaper asked me what I thought about the popularization of yoga and how it had moved away from traditional spiritual practices of India.  I know he had a point but because I was in the midst of this amazing experience, the question seemed trivial.  The practice we were doing could be scrutinized as westernized by someone’s standards, but that does  not make it any less valid. What was happening in the yoga room was every bit as sacred and spiritual as what someone might learn in an ashram in India, and perhaps even more so.

Self awareness, acceptance, compassion, transformation, and joy are not limited to methodology, lineage, and they are certainly not limited to yoga. Still yoga as we know it is an opportunity to integrate the practices of the body mind and spirit. How deep a practice is ultimately depends upon what we bring to it.  This week was an opportunity to witness beings show up with love, courage, and a willingness to surrender to the divine flow of life.