Friday, 16 November 2012

Why Yoga and Why Yoga Teacher Training

Five years ago I was working at a job that I had lost my passion for, I had this constant noise in my head that wouldn't turn off which brought out more negativity than normal.  The same advice was being given to me by my friends, mentors and career coach – What do you love?  Find something you Love and you won’t have to work a day in your life right?  Listing what I didn't love was easy but I struggled with what do I love?  What would recharge me both mentally and physically instead of draining me?
I started taking yoga four years ago at my workplace. The instructor’s passion for yoga was contagious.  Her willingness to share the challenges she experiences in her own practice enabled me to be more forgiving of myself.  I love the feeling of peace and contentment that come from practicing yoga.  I felt strong both mentally and physically.  I could have the crappiest day at work and after yoga class I would have a smile on my face.  When the breath and postures align during my practice it is one hour of true peace.  The emphasis on breathing as you move in and out of postures helps quiet my mind. I am not always successful but I aim to embrace the yogic philosophy of compassion and patience and accept I am a work in progress.
The idea of teaching yoga came from a comment in passing from my yoga instructor.  Teach yoga?  Why not?  I love yoga and share my joy of yoga with everyone I meet.  The idea was germinated.  Find something you love right? 
After a few years of taking yoga classes I decided to take yoga teacher training and as happens in life found a new job that has renewed my passion which makes it easier to go to work in the morning.
Year one of teacher training is almost over and minus the stress of the testing weekend coming up, I have enjoyed learning about the subtle details of the poses and attempting poses I wouldn’t dream of doing myself and working outside my comfort zone.  The variety of classes offered at the YCW has given me a more balance yoga experience which has flowed over into my personal and professional life.  What could be better than that? 

Beverly Wood