Saturday, 9 June 2012

On Yoga

Then the  Yoga teacher training assignment  came forth and said.... Speak to us of Yoga.
And the student answered ,saying: Yoga is a freedom song,
But is not freedom,It is a blossoming of ones self
But... it is not the fruit
It is a depth calling unto a height,
But.... it is not the deep nor the high
It is the confined taking  wing
But.... it is not a space encompassed
Yes,In very truth it is a freedom song
 The human  body knows it's yearnings,and its rightful need,and will not be decieved.
 And my  body is the harp of my soul,
 And it is mine to bring forth sweet music
  from it ,or confused sounds
I go  to my field and my garden
And have learned  that it is the joy of the bee to gather honey from the flowers
But it is also the  joy of the flowers to yield its honey to the bee
As a yoga student growing in her  practise, I am not unlike the flower and the bee--

Laura Lysenko

Laura Lysenko is a current member of the Yoga Centre Winnipeg 200 hour teacher training program.

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