Friday, 13 December 2013

So after a very long break without any blogs the yoga centre blog has been revived!!!Once again the upcoming posts will be from participants in the Yoga Centre Winnipeg 200hr Teacher Training Program



I came to yoga (full time) in Feb. 2011.  I was suffering with extreme anxiety and my body was shaking.  My nervous system was exhausted and I could not relax.
I immediately found comfort in the yoga philosophy and the kindness of my fellow students and teachers.

Over the two years I have practiced faithfully. Each day coming to my mat with hopefulness.

I struggle with the fact that I have gained 15 lbs and I have not noticed much difference in my bodies flexibility.  I want to do it “right”.  I want to be “good” at yoga and I’m not.  I need props and I can’t sit in virasana.  I’m having a hard time with my expectations on how a posture “should” look.  I’m struggling with attachment.  I don’t like “letting go”.  All these struggles in yoga are the same struggles that I have life.  (go figure)

Now the good news …………sometimes, when everything is just right, when I’m lulled by my teachers soothing voice, out of my thinking mind, I find something that wasn’t there before-  SPACE. 
I can breathe deep, calm, quality breaths down to the tips of my toes. The breath brings a peacefulness that I didn't know existed.  
 That’s where I have grown. That’s where my diligence has paid off.   On the inside! 
Those magic moments are coming more frequently than they did in the beginning. I’m willing to look at my beliefs about how yoga postures and life “should”  look.  I continue to heal and grow.  I know I will never NOT do yoga.  I think it’s magical.
 I am forever grateful to my humble teachers.


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