Sunday, 12 January 2014


This word came up in a class I attended recently and maybe its just the holiday season or maybe I haven't heard it in a while but something about the word struck me. The instruction was "Try to find joy today."   Where do you find joy?

 Sure it can be in a yoga practice knowing that you are doing something good for your mind and body. It could be from your family and seeing their smiling faces everyday. It could be having that first cup of coffee in the morning. It may be one or all of these things. 

 For whatever reason it really made me think about finding joy in my practice and in my life.  As I was thinking about this December 14th came around and it was BKS Iyanger's 95th birthday! 95 years and still teaching and practicing. How is that for inspiration!  He must have some joy in his life and determination. 
So I decided to ask others I put the question onto a social network site "Where do you find joy?".  I got various answers such as: within, laughing children, pets, as well as, some funny answers such as "she lives in transcona" (which i interupt as humour may bring people joy).  

Then I start to really think how can I find joy? I feel joyful in yoga class and in part that is the physicallity of the asana practice, in part that is the community and small interactions with other practictioners before and after class, and in part the ability to grow and change. I have taken to journalling and that has helped me reflect on some of these more intuitive goals that happen sometimes unconciously.  I looked back on a document I wrote when I first started practicing regularly and I read a goal of mine "to hold crow pose for 3 breaths". Its 4 years later and I still can't... and I laugh at the thought that, that was important to me then. 

Then it hits me. 

I get joy from the ability to recognize my own growth and looking at how we are all ever changing beings and it is fascinating. This lights my fire and pushes me forward.  We are taught to be ambitious and gain sucesses but real joy for me come from using yoga as an opportunity for self exploration.  It may have took me 4 years to figure this out and I wonder what I will think when I read this 4 years from now.


Sally MacDonald

Sally is currently enrolled in the yoga centre winnipeg 200hr  teacher training program

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