Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Yoga : a life's journey

In practicing yoga I have experienced a change in both my mental/spiritual and physical states.

Mentally I find that I’ve developed an inner peace, a general feeling of well-being and an acceptance of myself and those around me. This inner peace helps me in dealing with stressful life situations, making me pause and take the time to assess a challenging situation instead of reacting quickly or over reacting without thinking.

I suffered a serious injury, broke my fibula, dislocated and tore all the ligaments in that ankle seven years ago. Leaving me with a steel plate and six screws in that ankle. Had it not been for my yoga practice and yoga breath, and knowing that every day was a day closer to better health, I would have had a more difficult time mentally and physically accepting this injury and regaining my physical and spiritual health.

During this time, I was able to continue my yoga practice by adapting poses and doing chair yoga. I believe it was important for me to accept my limitations and somewhat humbled by these limitations to begin yoga again, as a true beginner. This brought a true appreciation of how disabilities can limit you but should not defeat you.

Yoga is part of my life and as I age, I hope to improve my physical flexibility, mobility and grow spiritually throughout my yoga journey.

This blog is part of the continuing series of blogs written by students in the Yoga Centre Winnipeg 200hr Teacher Training Program

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