Wednesday, 2 December 2015

one family

This blog is a copy of a recent post on Facebook......

Recently i was asked by a journalist about students who come to our yoga centre..... She wanted to hear from students who, were not young, beautiful, able-able bodied, middle class women...while i deeply respected the intention of her article..... This was my response...... (It did not make the article, but it speaks strongly to the truth of the yoga centre winnipeg...those who teach there and those who practice there alike!

The people who come to the yoga centre winnipeg range from ages 8-85. However the practice of yoga (not just asana, but also meditation, and self study), helps people connect with their true nature which is ageless. In that respect, all our students are young. 

At the Yoga Centre Winnipeg, practitioners come in all shapes and sizes. But to us beauty shines from within, awakened through the practice of yoga and accepting oneself unconditionally. So, all our students are beautiful. 

Our classes cater to both men and women, but as we relate to finding balance within, we all learn to embrace our inner feminine and masculine energies.

While most students fit the category of "able bodied" yoga helps individuals relate to themselves through the union of the body mind and spirit. Yoga students learn to make friends with their physical bodies, accept limitations, and experience themselves as whole. 

I cannot say the socio-economic status of our students but, the people we teach say the benefits of yoga are invaluable. What is learned can be taken home and practiced for a lifetime.
Most ethnic groups and cultures are represented at the Yoga Centre Winnipeg. However, we are committed to relating to students at the level of the heart and not the colour of their skin. To us, we are all one family.


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