Thursday, 23 June 2016

Reflections along the way

I fell in love at my first yoga class, at first I thought I had fallen in love with yoga but I now realize that this is where I started to love all of life. It was like a new chapter had begun, for the first time I had found something that I truly had a burning passion for. This feeling of a new beginning used to make me think it was the start of a new Me but really it was just the starting point to remembering who I really am, who I have been in every moment of my life and who I will continue to be after this life. Since then it has been an ever expanding journey, like a kaleidoscope always changing and moving ever deeper within itself. This depth coming from moving and exploring inwards on all levels, body, mind and soul. As well as outwards in the world around us, seeing the subtle beauty and connection in all aspects of life.

The beginning years of performing yoga brought a sense of freedom to my body and mind. The physical alignment that I learned along with working with the wooden blocks for long periods of time gave me the knowledge and ability to create space and ease within my body for the first time ever. This allowed me to create and maintain a new sense of vitality and control within my life. The newly found space within my body created a spark of hope, it allowed me to move past the beliefs of victim-hood I had felt my entire life. This was the beginning of self-empowerment, where I was finally able to believe in myself and move past the physical troubles that I once believed limited me.

As more ease was created in my physical body and mind I was able to create more stillness and start to sense my inner experience on a subtler level. The combination of newly created stillness and space allowed me to connect to my energetic body, the movement and flow of more subtle energies within my body/being. Like my yoga practice this energetic work has continued to blossom over the years, allowing me to move ever deeper within myself. It has led me to working and healing on levels that I have never thought possible before. Revealing the true “magic” and infinite possibility that is all around us and most importantly within us. This inward digging has led me to find God within my own heart and within all beings.

The greatest truth I have learned/remembered from practicing yoga and moving through life with presence is, “Be Love”. These two words have been transformational to say the least. It has taken much practice, digging and healing to be able to get to this point where I can Be Love, where I can love myself and all beings around me. The point where I can work with Being Love in all situations and in all circumstances. This is my truth. It is not something we have to learn but rather it is something we have to remember, it is at the centre of all hearts and it is what connects us to the entire universe around us. AUM

Thank you, Blair Jensen

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