Friday, 14 September 2012

A Change is Gonna Come

one more from the YCW Teachers in Training 

In our fast paced  world, where everything has to be faster better stronger, where we all are  very result oriented, yoga doesn’t really fit, why choose yoga as an activity of your choice when you can lift weights, run, play sports and see results and accomplishments bright, clear and fast?
I must say, these were exactly my thoughts, the classic, ill start yoga for stretching, and hey if I learn to balance on one finger, that’s a bonus!!
It wasn’t till 3 years after I started practicing that I realized, something amazing is happening, I started noticing those oh so very subtle changes in my mood, energy levels, attitude and in my body, things just became....... well...... better, the biggest difference is all of my aches and pains from running and lifting weights went away, I didn’t even notice when it happened, just know that the pain in my knees and lower back that I have struggled with since I was 14 were gone.
When this aha yoga moment happened (notice that yoga moments are actually 3 yearlong LOL)  I knew there and then, I need to learn more about this amazing discipline and culture, so teachers training program was the natural thing to do. When the realization happened my heart was pounding like crazy all  I could think of is – I need to go to there!!!!! Clearly I didn’t know about pranayama breathing back then! 
Till this day, yoga amazes me in its subtle power and strength, the slightest miniscule adjustments make a great difference, all you need to do is learn to listen to yourself be honest about your capabilities, and well, be patient.
Yoga changes you on every level, not just the hot yoga booty everybody are talking about, the change is coming from within, therefore it takes time for it to surface. But when it does, you know that there is nothing like it, it gives you wholesomeness, connects your body and mind, helps you to feel grounded and stable, and not just for tree pose but for all your life’s positions.

Now I love hearing ‘ oh yoga is for stretching’ it means that I can tell the wonderful yoga story again, and maybe, just maybe bring one more person to a studio, take a step back and observe how their eyes just open.

Can’t wait to become a teacher and watch the magical yoga transformations happen right in front of my eyes.

Namaste everybody im going to get my – soon to be hot yoga booty on the mat for a morning practice”
Vera Rubin is a member of the Yoga Centre Winnipeg 200hr Teacher Training Program

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