Monday, 3 September 2012

Coming Back

September always reminds me of the cycle of life.

It is a time of returning.

For some it is a loss. I have a friend who always experiences a tiny bit of grief over the end of summer. Definitely the days are getting shorter, the air a little crisper and the green starts to turn to yellow.

For me it is mostly an exciting time- a time of new beginnings and returning.  Maybe I am predisposed to see it that way- as a September babe- it literally is the New Year for me. But it’s the time of Jewish new year, and for so many the return to school.

In the yoga business, it means people coming back from holidays – rested, inspired, seeing faces we haven’t seen in months.

It is the start up of new programs and new possibilities! It never fails to surprise me how happy I am to get back in to my routine- to get fully involved in work. The same work and routine I was so grateful to have a rest from a few months ago. That is the beautiful thing about life it is always changing.

 At the same time September can feel overwhelming- especially if I forget to pause and enjoy the moment and the beauty of it all. There is so much to do so much more to be done!!!
Aak- the excitement can turn to anxiety!! On the one hand the change is inspiring, but only if I remember to breath and stay present.
As we come back into our daily routines and rhythms why not do so with consciousness, gratitude, and love. Times of change are also powerful times for transformation- even more so if we enter into it consciously and with intention.

Take a few moments to connect to what you are returning to.
Breathe and feel the beauty of this quiet moment- even if it is just one -with nothing to do.
Connect to what you love or value about your life.
What you want to cultivate, and what you want to leave behind.

Anytime you feel overwhelmed- try returning to the rhythm of the breath to the quiet beauty of this moment, and return to your life fully present ready for anything.

 Welcome back!!!

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