Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My Yoga Journey So Far

Just over 5 years ago, I went to a weekend Yoga retreat and was amazed after that weekend how great my body and mind felt, how relaxed and unstressed I was when I returned to my daily family and work routine.   It took me several more years to realise how important the self-care that I obtained through Yoga was to me and gradually started increasing my number of weekly Yoga classes to maintain my self-care.

Upon my recent retirement, I enrolled in the Yoga Centre – Teacher Training 2 year Program with the premise in mind that it would keep me physically active through another facet, allow me to focus and learn more about myself, deepen my own practise and the possibly of teaching Yoga.

The Yoga Centre – Teacher Training Program so far has been such an awesome learning experience for me.  I realize that I know so little about Yoga, about myself and am so motivated to learn more.  As I deepen my practise I am learning to physically challenge my body in a very non-competitive manner and that it is important to appreciate the process and practise the Asana (postures) and that it is not just about  the perfect attainment of the Asana.   I am engaging in exciting and challenging learning experiences within the Yoga Centre teacher training program, under guidance of excellent educators and through all the different Yoga classes and levels.   Also as I work through this program even though there is so much to learn I feel the Yoga Centre is providing me with quality role models, instruction, tools and feedback to be an effective Yoga teacher that will help me lead students forward and draw out their self-care which I feel is very important.

Yoga is increasingly becoming a very important part of my daily life.   Yoga is teaching me to keep my life in balance, reduce the worry, it’s okay to be still, be forgiving to myself and others, be grateful, provide service and much much more.  

I am passionate to enjoy my life and to help others enjoy their lives as much as I can.   Through Yoga with a healthier body and positive mind; I believe this can be accomplished with total understanding that there are always life challenges.

Judy McMullen

Judy is currently enrolled in the Yoga Centre Winnipeg Teacher Training Program her contribution is a part of a series on How Yoga Changed My Life, submitteed by the 2013/2014 YCW TT participants

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