Tuesday, 25 February 2014


My journey to Yoga began when I sought out a gentler form of exercise. My body was starting to feel the effects of years of high impact aerobics and I knew it was time to start listening.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I had done quite a bit of prenatal yoga and I remembered how wonderful that felt. I decided to try a class here and there and quickly developed a passion for it!
Not only was Yoga offering me a kinder, more gentler way to still get the exercise I need but I quickly began to see many other positive effects……. other than just physically.

Anxiety has been something I have struggled with for years. Through my practice, I have found tools within myself that I didn’t even know I possessed. It has offered me a calmness that is always accessible to me…… I just need to slow down, breathe and turn my awareness within. The more I practice, the easier it becomes.
The more I practice, the more I craved the calmness and serenity it offered me; both on and off the mat.

My teachers have taught me to really see and feel things as they are in the present moment, even though they may be uncomfortable. I cannot always control things, and that is alright. For these lessons I will always be grateful.  I find the philosophy and teachings associated with yoga to embody the person and belief system I want to attain.
I found this mantra by Mario Duguay to be very powerful:

Attain Serenity
I no longer let myself be swept away into the turmoil of my
mind and emotions.

From now on I let go of all stress, tension and worry so I may  
attain Harmony and serenity.

I will do one thing at a time and savor each moment.

My practice has offered me a new outlook on life. To me; I would say Yoga has been life changing! I am so excited to be walking down this ever developing path personally as a practitioner and as a teacher, sharing my passion.
No matter how crazy or anxious I feel…… When I walk through the door at The Yoga Centre, I am presented with the smiles and greetings of so many wonderful, strong and inspiring individuals who share the same passion as me. It warms my heart to the core!

Thank you!
Shannon is completing her second year of the Yoga Centre Winnipeg 200hr Teacher Training Program

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