Tuesday, 5 June 2018

How yoga changed my life

I love yoga. 

To be honest, I am not entirely sure how it changed my life, but I am certain that it has.

To me yoga is a small
well used word 
that encompasses 
so much. 
It's a way of life
not just the asana
or poses,
that are so known. 

Yoga to me
is the good intentions
the breathing
the teachings
the body awareness
the self awareness.

Its about the practicing of all of it, and learning how to be my best self, and live my truest life. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the poses too. They feel great, the stretch, the release, and the progress into deeper and more complex poses. The poses help the energy move and flow so that the intentions and life practices can take shape.

So finding a yoga practice and adding all of the above to my life 10 years ago has changed my life for the better. I had been doing yoga for a few years with Bluemoon/kuhlektiv yoga before I took my fist yoga teacher training.  Now both of these things had a huge hand in making yoga big in my life. The classes spoke to me, helped my “desk job”  ridden body, left me with good intentions, self-awareness and all around feeling good. I wanted to take it to the next level and kuhlektiv yoga helped me find a YTT that suited me. I completed the first third of the YTT with Ally Gaiatri while I was  two months pregnant.  Unfortunately, because I was pregnant and the YTT was in Calgary, I didn't get a chance to complete the second and third modules. However, I believe that being pregnant during this initial YTT shaped how yoga is present in my life now.  

Being a mom is a huge part of my life now, but the yoga had staying power and they have woven together. 

Yoga helps me 
be a better mom 
(I hope and think maybe?!)
my intentions 
give me more patience 
(usually not enough, but it helps)
more love
more mindfulness
mostly the practice of reminding myself of all these things
that we are all doing our best.

So I guess I do know how yoga changed my life: 
in all the ways mentioned above and so much more!!

Going forward, I hope to keep growing my practice.
I am sure yoga will continue to change my life.

T. Horechko

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