Wednesday, 13 June 2018

My Yoga Journey

My yoga journey started when I was 14,  (1969) in the basement of my parents house in northern Manitoba in a small room next to the coal bin.  
My mom found yoga instructions in readers digest magazine and suggested I try. I am a tall, thin, shy adolescent - not interested in playing hockey- looking for something to do alone in those long dark winters.  I was young and very flexible and strong so i mastered the yoga positions and loved the practice.  

Flash ahead to 2017 and I start yoga teacher training with Yoga Center Winnipeg. 

I am now 61 years old and have not been particularly physically active other than a demanding career and wonderful active family to preoccupy me.  So I have the 47 year old memory of how easy things were and I am quickly faced with the reality that my current body is not nearly as agile as my younger self remembers.   I have had a serious back injury, broken bones and experiencing genetic concerns regarding connective tissue and just plain not exercising and the realities of aging.  All of these limitations /facts as I am studying yoga philosophy opens me to a whole new understanding of what yoga really is. I have no idea what I signed up for.  

The teachers are especially caring accepting, encouraging and able to support and assist to compensate for the injuries, fears, limitations and age without judgement and always accepting each person as an individual on their own journey.  

No competition and just accept the current situation and breath just breath. 

I know the holistic healing aspects of yoga and mindfulness from my years of working with people and their families who have endured physical, mental health issues and traumatic experiences. Years of work in human services has brought me to understand that human injuries and trauma can be greatly benefited from yoga, mindfulness and health diet. I have done compassion training in the past and experienced how a dedication to the process creates change in how the individual see and interact with the world. Part of the draw to teacher training was for me  to teach yoga/mindfulness in the area of mental health both for those diagnosed and those working with or supporting people, to maintain overall health for all.

The teacher training process, individual classes and the daily practice I am cultivating have enhanced my life in all areas.  The experience is far beyond my expectations as I start this training.  

I am not sure where my yoga journey will take me but I know wherever it takes me I will bring along a quieter, calmer more understanding mind and more compassionate responses to the world.

Big shout out to all of the amazing trainers, teachers, and other yoga students (who are all teachers in their own right) and participants I have met along the way. Each of you have brought an experience that is unique and wonderful. Pushing, pulling, nudging, accepting, exploring, encouraging and always open to each student’s questions and personal experience. The front staff are always welcoming to each person by name and with a genuine hello and caring interaction.  The instructors are able to connect with each student to help address their journey with specific support and encouragement and eventually an understanding of injuries and adjustments.   The entire yoga journey for me has been greatly enhanced by the staff at Yoga Center of Winnipeg.

Thank you all. 

So now I keep going.

Where will this adventure go??
Diane Lau
(p.s. paintings by Diane, added to the blog without permission(!) from her Facebook page)

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