Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Hello Yoga Centre Winnipeg. You are dearly missed by me right now as life has not allowed time for yoga this past half year or so. This time away has made me appreciate more than ever why I love coming and why I need to get back at it!

In a way, YCW came to me. While at retreat doing a lot of personal seeking a few years back, I was encouraged to come to YCW to "try" yoga. I had intended to for many years but somehow, this was the time and the prompt I needed.

I started with Candace's beginner class and was immediately sold. I loved her considerate approach and commitment to developing our understanding of proper techniques and body awareness. She is a talented and patient woman.

Over time, I was ready to advance and found a home in Cathy's class, where my ever improving practice brought me personal pride, offered sanctuary, restored my clarity and provided me with strength during a significant transition time in my life. The thought of that class pulled me through the week at times and the daily intention that Cathy offered seemed to always resonate perfectly for me. I was healing.

Aside from the fact that YCW is offers exceptional yoga instruction, I love coming to YCW because it became a part of me and my personal journey. It is a welcoming, nurturing environment where transformation has happened for me. There have been many magical, serendipitous moments for me at YCW and I think of getting back there every day.

Hope to see you again soon!



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