Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Yoga Centre Love

I've been attending The Yoga Centre regularly for over 2 years, and after trying a few other yoga studios, found that the Yoga Centre has a variety of classes that are accommodating to my needs. And in the past when I was looking for more physically challenging classes, the Yoga Centre also had what I needed then. But most importantly The Yoga Centre is a place that combines quality, expert instruction with what yoga means to me.

The Yoga Centre is a place that is large enough to offer a wide range of classes in different styles and at different levels, and in a variety of times to suit my schedule and needs. But it is small enough to have a warm feeling of a welcoming community. I feel that the teachers are aware of, and attentive to, my particular needs and strengths, which may not be the case in a larger studio. And the friendly, warm front desk staff add to that feeling from the moment you arrive.

The instructors at the Yoga Centre have an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge, and are always adding to this knowledge with ongoing training and upgrading. Many of the instructors have decades of experience. I love that there is always an emphasis on deep awareness - of breath, mind and body, in all the classes. The master yoga teachers have helped me immensely, to deepen and expand my own practice, in a way that I could not have done on my own. The detailed and expert instructions repeat and reinforce skills and habits, and also introduce new and different ways of expanding my practice with every class I attend. The instructors help to create a feeling of ease and comfort along with this expertise. I feel safe and at peace as I am moving through the poses and growing my practice.

I've also been attending Jan's monthly Yoga Philosophy class for a few years, and love the insights and the inquiry that she leads me to with her teachings. While I read and study yoga on my own, the instructions, discussion and guidance from these classes help me to connect asana to philosophy in new and challenging ways. These teachings help me to connect body, mind and spirit in class and in life, and to better understand what yoga truly is.

I love that you can start at the Yoga Centre at any time, and do not need to wait for the next session to begin if you need to be away for awhile. And the prices are excellent. It would be hard to find such good value for such top-notch, quality instruction anywhere else!

The Yoga Centre really is a place that for me, is the heart and soul of yoga

Karen G

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