Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Why I Love Coming to the Yoga Centre Winnipeg (continued)

This one addresses the changes in the Yoga Centre Winnipeg over the many years
(27+) we have been offering yoga in the Winnipeg Community

First and foremost, I appreciate the excellent standard of teaching. The instruction is precise, informed and clear. Secondly, I value the individual attention the teachers with whom I have studied provide me as well as others in the class when we need it. It is done gently and with each student's particular needs in mind. I have noticed a change in the culture of the Yoga Centre since first coming in the early 90's. I have experienced what appears to be a more caring, gentler approach to students resulting in what is for me a richer quality in the relationships between teachers and students as well as more effective outcomes for the students.

When I first started, I found the teachers encouraging and precise in their teaching but very edgy. Now, I find the same qualities exist and added to them, an atmosphere of compassion and thoughtfulness I had not experienced in quite the same way before. Accompanied with this approach, there continues to be consistent and persistent reminders for each of us to pay attention to our bodies and the messages we are receiving from our bodies at all phases of the practice: as we enter, stay in and come out of poses.

I had experienced injuries in the past from what seemed to me to be a combination of over zealous perfectionism from some of the teachers that only increased my own self-imposed competitiveness. I now experience a gentler more student-centered approach which helps me take responsibility for myself in a way that results in a much healthier practice. I find each teacher I have had since returning to the Yoga Centre has respected my decisions as to what poses I can do and how far to push myself. This in itself has helped me grow in learning my limitations.

Overall, the Yoga Centre has been a place of learning for me as well as providing many opportunities for me to learn about my body and every other aspect of my being. It has become a place of what I would call an "unpressured community".

I am not so anxious to "win a 1 month unlimited pass" as I am to take the opportunity to thank Jan and Shauna in the leadership you have provided to change the culture so that everyone, in particular myself, can practice and learn yoga in a way that allows for compassion and congruency.

Specifically, I want to thank Candace for the excellent way in which she prepares for and teaches our Friday morning Beginners class.

Thanks to everyone.

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